This blog is to write about the struggles I have been facing while doing my internship with Linux Kernel through Outreachy. I’m new to open source and there is a lot of things to explore here. But still, I believed in myself and managed to get up to here.

Everyone faces struggles in one or the other forms in every aspect of life, But those should not be the reasons for our downfall. Struggles let us learn and move forward. It was an exciting journey till now being a part of Outreachy intern at Linux Kernel. I have learned various things that I have never known before. I faced an issue that I don’t have good experience with Shell script language and my task is depend on understanding it well. I took the decision to learn it from the beginning. I have faced some issues with understanding the scripts. I am enjoying the process of learning and exploring new things.

To conclude, we’re all struggling! Whether we were teachers, students, employees, old or young, everyone is going through their own wars! The type of struggle might differ, but, we need to see what all of us are going through and act accordingly! We only see success stories, or maybe failures, but do we ever stop and ask ourselves, what did one go through to be the people they are nowadays? It is just always a good idea to be kind towards others no matter what.

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