It has been six weeks since I started this exciting journey as an Outreachy intern at Linux kernel.During these weeks, I present the work I’ve done, and the challenges I faced and then get feedback. I’ve had to learn most things on the go and every task comes with its own unique flavor of difficulty and discovery.

I got lagged because I don’t have any experience with Shell scripting language and network on Linux. Moreover, I faced some problems. These issues and many others have caused some delays and sometimes I needed to postpone some of the activities until I get the chance to do them again. However, flexibility could always solve these issues.

Currently, when I think about the first half of this internship, I find out that I have accomplished around half of the work I wanted to achieve.

To conclude, in this internship, or in others, no matter what things are getting done, there will always be things that come in the middle of the way, and almost nothing goes exactly as planned. This is what life is after all!

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