Now that the Outreachy internship is about to end, it is time to set new goals and decide what to do next. I hold a bachelor degree in communication and electronics engineering. I have three years experience with software development.

I believe that after August 2022, I want to work as a Kernel engineer, I have experience with C/C++, and now learned shell scripting.I I know I need to practice them more to be able to return to work.

On the long term, I want to pursue my postgraduate studies in computer science.On the other hand, I want to become a successful developer with a deep understanding of what I do and I want my command of new technologies to be really good. I want to know more, and to know deeply, in order to stand out in the market. Thus, I am looking for software development positions. It would be perfect if I got a remote job.

I can speak English well but i have been working on it to be fluent and Arabic fluently I believe that I am a very good team-player, my communication and leadership skills are very good as well. I am also a confident person, and a quick self-learner.

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